Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Digging thru the gadget drawers...

I was digging around in the closet storage containers and going through gadget drawers looking for things to sell on ebay to help pay bills, and found the shovel project from a couple of years ago.

I'd tied a paracord pineapple knot around the center section of the shovel where it wouldn't interfere with the folding function, while trying out a few lacing needles that eXtremePara.com had sent me to test out.  I had also added a paracord gaucho knot around a handle of a trowel that I've kept in a bug out bag.

Since I've not been using either, they may go up on the ebay auction block soon with some other edc type things like flashlights, knives, multitools and whatnot from the collection.

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